Zoeva make up brushes review & video

I've done a review on Zoeva make up brushes. I've learnt my lesson as well - film using an iPad on landscape, not portrait! Still learning with Youtube.


Hi guys, welcome to my second Youtube video, ever. My video today is about the Zoeva make up brushes.
Now I was lucky enough in my last job to be able to sample a couple of the Zoeva make up brush range. If you've not heard of Zoeva before, they're a German brand and they're massive; they've got over 200,000 Facebook followers, not that big in the UK yet and there's not that many places that sell them in the UK, but they do sell from their website to the UK.

So, I have a couple of their brushes that I've had before - so this is the Stippling brush and then this is the Face Shaper. These 2 are just brushes that I picked out at random from a bunch of samples and they are the best brushes and they are so good. Zoeva brushes are made from a synthetic duo fibre but they're so soft and so lovely.

Now first off I use the Stippling brush with a liquid foundation from No 7, the Stay Perfect foundation. I have it in Cool Vanilla. I have it in a couple of other colours as well, but Cool Vanilla is what's working for me at the moment. It's great for an even tone all across your face. It's such a lovely, lovely, lovely, soft brush - I can't say enough how lovely it is - um it's a bit dirty at the moment as I need to clean it. But yeh great coverage, lovely and soft and a great price.

Now this is the Face Shaper brush, No 110, it is used for buffing and contouring, so I use it along here and also I use Sleek make up palette along here and on my nose, like this and it's very, very good.

So, I was so chuffed with how great those Zoeva brushes were that I thought, right I'm going to start buying more make up brushes from Zoeva, because when you're on to a good thing, you need to carry on with it.

So, I bought these 4. I'll start with the Brow Liner. I'm obsessed with my eyebrows; I use a million different products for my eyebrows and have at least 4 different brushes. This one is very very flat and thin. The reason I brought it was so I can use it like that, and appear like natural hairs, but it's actually a bit fatter than I thought it was going to be; so if you can see from my eyebrow... it might just work, I don't know I need to give it a go and mess about with it really. But it is very soft as well but because I have very sparse eyebrows around here I might struggle a little bit, I usually need quite form bristles to appear like hairs but we'll see - I'll give it a go.

Then, the next one is the detailed shader. Now, again with this one I thought it was a bit bigger than it is, as I was going to use this one for drawing lines with darkened concealer down here and down here and then buffing with the face shaper in order to make a detailed line down my nose but I don't know if it's going to actually be too small, or if I might get away with it - I might just have to use it for different kinds of eye shadow.

This one if the Smudger and this is going to be for making smokey eyes, and doing things in the corners. I'm still not great with eye shadow yet so hopefully this will be the magic brush that will solve all my eyeshadow problems.

And then this is the wing liner which I'm quite excited to have a try of.Because, look how sharp that edge is - look how lovely and sharp it is. I'm going to use it for winged eyeliner, I've got winged eyeliner on now, which you can kind of see; using Maybelline's Gel Studio eyeliner, in black. One thing I'm a little bit unsure about is quite how long the bristles are because it means they're not firm anymore, they're a bit soft which might cause a struggle with winged liner. But I'm excited to try it and see.

So, Zoeva - the brushes I've got, range from something like £5-£8, whatever it is it's not a huge amount of money. When you order them they come in a big box; I just received mine today and I only ordered these 4 remember.. Each brush comes in one of these protective little bags, in a box,with lots of bubble wrap, so no chance of getting broken. They came very quickly, I ordered mine on Saturday and it arrived by Wednesday, so very fast delivery - I don't know if perhaps they have a depot in the UK instead of Germany, so I'm very impressed with that, plus they have a little card inside which says the name of the people who dispatched and packed it, which I think is very cute.

So, I would happily recommend Zoeva. I can't remember what the website is - oh it says on here: www.zoeva.de and the shipping was not extortionate, so of what you'd expect, like £5 and they are fantastic brushes and I would happily order again and I'm quite intrigued to see how some of these go. Maybe I'll do a review in a bit to let you know how I felt the brushes went.

Brushes No 110 - Face Shaper - 125 - Stippling226 - Smudger - 237 Detail Shader - 317 Wing Liner - 322 Brow Liner

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When in doubt, wear red

red top and black jeans

pixie crop

pixie crop and red top

red blouse

Red blouse with diamante detail from H&M, black jeans New Look

Sorry this pic was taken just before I had my hair cut, although it shows what my hair looked like before I had such a severe cut done! I miss having hair, feel like Bruce Willis (not really, secretly he wishes he had as much hair as this)

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The girl behind the blog

I've done my first real Youtube video! Please be gentle - I'm just dipping my toe in the water and giving it a go.

If interested I've found the best place for natural light in my house, although I obviously need to reduce the shine, but it's filmed and uploaded on an ipad, so please bear with me!


Hello blog followers, I thought I would try and do a Youtube video because I've never done one before and because lots of bloggers seem to be getting into them, perhaps I'm a bit late to the party.

But, I thought for any of you who do read my blog you might be interested to hear the sound of my voice and to see my new hair as I've just had it cut and it's very short. I did go into the hairdressers with a type of cut that I wanted and she did cut it a little bit too short; it's supposed to be a cool mohican and not a statement hair style- so not too happy with how it is, but it grows very quickly, my hair, so hopefully it won't take too long to grow back. Hopefully in about a month it'll be where I'd actually like it to be.

So, I write memoirsofawardrobe; I've had the blog for - gosh a couple of years...3 - 3 years ago now maybe, maybe even longer. It's gone through some transitional changes. I started on Wordpress but found the HTML and prpogramming siddifuclt - don't know if any of you have also found that? So, I moved onto BLogger. I feel like it's the lazy way to go, perhaps but it's just a lot easier, unless you know prohgramming.

So, I'm going to try and do a few more of these videos - I'm going to do another one on the Zoeva make up brushes as I've just ordered some more of them and I'm a huge fan of their brushes so I thought I'd show you some of them.

So that's it for now and if you have any questions that you'd like me to answer in a video please feel free to ask, otherwise thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it.

Cheers - bye-bye

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Snuggly new jumpers

cropped pixie hair

round next blue jumper

star necklace

blue knit jumper

clarks boots

Jeans and jumper from GAP. Boots from Clarks (available here). Omybag Sleazy Jane bag

Hope everyone's had a good week. Two important things to note from having very short hair now:
1 positive: hair dries super quickly
1 negative: It grows so bloody fast I now need hair cuts every 4 weeks

I'm going to spend a fortune on hair cuts!

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Review of Sebastian Clay, got my hair chopped & OOTD

slouch grey top

green skinny jeans

grey top and green jeans

short womens hair

very short womens hair

Wearing: Green skinny jeans from New Look, top from TK Maxx, Clarks boots

That's right, I've had all my hair cut off. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see the inspiration I had for my hair. It was cut by a junior stylist and after a week I'm noticing some bits I'm a bit unhappy with, but I love how short it is and I think I may be a short hair convert for the long term.

It's sooo easy to manage. You use such a tiny amount of shampoo & conditioner, drying your hair is so quick and in the morning it's so easy to style. Plus windy days are not a problem, I don't need to batiste a greasy fringe and brush any knots out.

So, since I've not had short hair before, the hair stylist recommended clay for styling. It's non-greasy in small amounts and creates a matte, non-waxy, non-greasy feel. It's great for sculpting. So, because I have never bought clay before I didn't want to just walk into Boots and buy the wrong one, so of course I bought one at the salon. It's Sebastian, which I'm a huge fan of since purchasing the their liquid steel - review here. So, pushing through the £17 price tag on a small pot of clay, I bought it and now love it.

These are the products I'm using on my new short hair cut:
sebastian hair products

New small, ceramic styling cylinder brush. Liquid steel in wet hair before blow drying. Clay on dry hair in the morning. Then hair spray just in case.

sebastian clay review

The clay is fab, which you'd expect for £17. You're definitely getting what you pay for. It's non-greasy, non-waxy and you use very little product for a strong hold, so it'll last absolutely ages. It doesn't leave your hands or hair sticky, so I'm a huge fan and don't care about the £17 price tag at all. It was quite a scarey move to get all my hair cut off, so I'm so glad I bought a low maintenance product to help keep my style fuss free throughout the day.

You can get Sebastian Clay on Amazon here for £13+ so you can get it cheaper than I did (dammit!)

Might actually go shorter next time. Pixie cut - dare I?

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